Ocean Explorers

Ocean Explorers is a club for students in grades 3-5 filled with science lessons, activities, and crafts about oceanography and marine biology.  Our monthly adventures of exploring the ocean will be recorded and made into a “oceanography” book that the students will receive at the end of the club year!

The Ocean Explorers will venture to many fascinating parts of the ocean all over the world! As we travel around the sea, we learn about many different zones of the ocean and the wonderful, exotic animals that live there.

You can mail in the 2012-13 Club Registration Form or we’ll do it for you over the phone! (828) 254-7162

Where will we go next as we explores Earth’s underwater world?

Join the club to find out! Open to boys and girls grades 3-5

For more information call us at (828) 254-7162 or email mprice@colburnmuseum.org