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Come explore the wonders of the earth in the Jr. RockHounds Club! Every month JRH’s meet here at CESM for fun lessons, games, and activities all about crystals, minerals, rocks, and fossils!

Each student will receive a collection box and will get a unique crystal, rock, or fossil each session. By the end of the school year, the collection boxes will be filled with colorful and strange crystals form all over the world!

We will now be offering a beginner lever and an advanced level for students who have already been through RH (or have an understanding of rocks and minerals already) and are hungry for more!

Level I = For students in grades K-2 just beginning to learn about rocks and minerals

Level II = For students grades 3-6 looking for more in depth information

“If it’s not made from plants, it’s made from rocks!”

For more information contact Matt Price: or

(828) 254-7162