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The Colburn Earth Science Museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit education museum specializing in stunning exhibits, special events, and unforgettable S.T.E.M. education (science, technology, engineering, and math). You can easily help support the mission and educational work of CESM by simply engaging in social media with us. These services allow our mission to reach a broad spectrum of people, attract new visitors, and help everyone keep up with all the amazing things happening here at CESM! Check out the services below and please consider leaving reviews!

Facebook allows us to reach out to fans with updates, news, and special promotions. This is a fun, interactive utility that gives CESM the chance to reach thousands of people. Please be sure to “Like” our page and you can ask questions or make statements by posting on our timeline! If you see something you really like, please “Share” that post so that your friends will see you support CESM.

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Yelp is an online community where users can see reviews for restaraunts and attractions near their location. Most Yelp users access their services with a mobile device and Yelp shows them what is near them. The more reviews and ratings CESM has, the more likely we are to show up on search results. Please leave us a fair review and a star rating. Keep in mind, CESM cannot moderate comments users leave on Yelp.

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TripAdvisor is a lot like yelp. Please consider leaving a fair review and star rating. Keep in mind, CESM cannot moderate comments left on TripAdvisor.

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